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The secrets of Anes & Sens products are hidden in their absolute natural ingredient, donkey milk. A key ingredient with amazing properties for our health and beauty.

What does donkey milk offer us?

It is the closest to human breast milk, rich in immunoglobulins. It is thus easily accepted by all skin types, even the most sensible and of course hypoallergenic. It contains 60% less fat, 60 times more vitamin C (which, in addition to its known characteristics and beneficial properties, delays the aging of the skin and increases its healing rates) and triple amounts of A, B1, B2, E, fat and three times higher quantities of Ω3 and Ω6 than other milk. Finally donkey milk is rich in Lysozyme, an enzyme that blocks bacterial growth in the skin.

All of our products are over 98% of natural ingredients. But the most important thing is that they really have the donkey milk base and in a very high concentration.

As advised by Madame Figaro Magazine in its recent French edition, before buying a donkey milk product, take a look at its label and look for the donkey milk percentage. Similar products in the marker have less than 1% or even 0.1% because donkeys milk is rare. All our products have a base of high concentrated donkey milk that is the basic ingredient of each product. Anes & Sens products contain 10% of donkeys milk in facial products, 14% -20% in body products and 28% in soaps. This concentration combined with the quality of the milk from the various donkeys that live freely on the 42 hectares of land of Asinerie Du Pays Des Colines and their special formula is what makes them unique!

The quality of the milk we use is related to the quality of animal life! The donkeys live freely without running their everyday life. The Asinerie Du Pays De Collines has a large experience over 20 years in their care with a team of specialized staff solely for our beloved donkeys. It is worth mentioning that the breeds are from all over the world amongst the famous Arkadian Ouster.

The Brand established in 1998, is the first in the world created products with donkey milk in order most of the profits go to the rescue of the disposable and taken donkeys and horses from all over Europe which some abuse, offer them full medical care and care and keep them under our supervision for at least a year before being given to individuals and farms.